CDS Dermatology Resident Quality Improvement Award


The Chicago Dermatological Society is pleased to offer dermatology residents the opportunity to apply for an award to fund their required quality improvement (QI) projects. Awards will typically support a project for a one-year period in amounts up to $1,000. Dermatology residents attending one of the 6 Chicago area dermatology residency programs are eligible to apply. It is expected that the residents will have an active CDS member as a faculty mentor.

A quality improvement project is often focused on trying to achieve better outcomes for patient care processes. Often these projects focus on increasing patient safety or to reduce waste of limited health-care resources.

The applicant is expected to submit a well-conceived proposal on a dermatology QI topic. Projects that involve improving interprofessional team engagement, processes for improving an identified patient care challenge, devising high quality metric/measures or data analysis of a resident’s QI project are eligible. Proposals that involve rigorous large database reviews are also eligible however preference will be given to projects that involve targeted interventions that may improve patient care at a local institution or address Chicagoland area dermatology disparities. Projects that involve completion of American Board of Dermatology modules or other similar prepared modules are not eligible for funding.

CDS resident QI project funds may be used to cover expenses for data collection and materials/supplies. Indirect costs or travel expenses to a national meeting will not be covered by this award. All work is expected to be completed before the individual completes their residency. Winners are expected to present their findings to the membership at the CDS President’s meeting the following year even if they have already completed their residency.

The CDS Scientific Committee will consider application in 2 cycles this year in the Spring and Fall 2021. Applications for the Spring cycle in 2021 are due May 17, 2021. Winners be announced in June 2021.


Please submit the following documents:

  1. A completed application form using the template form - CLICK HERE to download Word document 
  2. A letter of support from a faculty member.
  3. Proposal -- Suggested format... 3-page total:
    1. Layman's statement -- 300 word maximum.  A brief paragraph that describes your project.  This may be used for announcements, award presentations or posted on the CDS website.
    2. Specific Aims or Goals -- approximately ½ page
      1. What is the problem/topic you are interested in exploring?
      2. How does this improve patient care and/or disparities?
      3. How does this proposal fulfill the ACGME QI project requirements listed below?
        1. Identify a problem/process issue in patient care
        2. Propose a solution
        3. Devise metric to test the success of your solution
        4. Implement the solution
        5. Data analysis
    3. QI Project Design (approximately 2 pages)
      1. Review the project design/methods
      2. Review the evaluation methods/measures used in your data collection
      3. Data analysis plan
    4. Future Plans/Goals
      1. Please explain to the committee how your data can be used to build on future projects.
    5. References -- not included in page limit
      1. Maximum of 6 references
    6. Budget -- not included in page limit
      1. CDS award funds may not be used for stipends/salaries for any investigators.  Costs to compensate a percent effort for statisticians, university librarians for reviews, or other specialized personnel for database reviews are permitted.
    7. Please include IRB submission or approval documents -- not included in page limit.
      1. Funds will not be released until CDS receives proof of IRB approval.


The CDS Scientific Committee will review all submissions and make a recommendation to the CDS governing board (the Plans & Policies Committee) for final approval.

Post-grant Reports

Final Report -- Recipients of CDS Dermatology Resident Quality Improvement Award are required to submit a report by the announced date a year following the award.  Typically, recipients are expected to submit their reports according to this schedule, and to present a summary of their research at the relevant CDS Conference the year following the award.  We will provide grant recipients additional information concerning the format and timing of reporting.

Financial accounting -- In addition to the research findings, grant recipients are required to submit a summary of how the grant funds were utilized, including disclosure of any funds remaining.  Note -- Unused funds must be returned to CDS.

Variations or Exceptions -- If unexpected changes are required which represent a significant departure from your application, the grant recipient must communicate with the CDS Scientific Committee before proceeding.  Likewise, if additional time is needed, we ask that you contact CDS as soon as you realize an extension may be necessary.

Publications -- We certainly hope that your research will result in appropriate recognition for your efforts through publication of your project in an appropriate journal.  Of course, we expect that you will provide proper credit for the funding provided by CDS.  In any event, CDS reserves the right to publish a summary of your results on our website.


The winners of any CDS award are expected to acknowledge CDS funding on their posters, published paper, or presentations.  Winners also are expected to submit copies of their papers/posters, etc., to the CDS office.


Submit your final, completed application and supporting materials no later than 5 p.m. on May 17, 2021.  Late applications will not be considered.  Electronic format is greatly preferred.

  • Electronic submissions -- Send in a single PDF file . . .
  • Paper submissions -- Send ONE copy of the application form and attachments to:
         Chicago Dermatological Society
         Attn:  Scientific Committee
         10 W. Phillip Rd., Suite 120
         Vernon Hill, IL  60061-1730



Contact the Chicago Dermatological Society --
     Phone:  847-680-1666
     Email:   [email protected]
     CDS Scientific Committee Chair -- Claudia Hernandez, MD

     CDS executive director -- Richard Paul


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