CDS Oral History Project

In order to preserve the legacy of dermatology in Chicago and the accomplishments of local dermatologists, the CDS has embarked on an oral history project in which the "giants" of the profession in the Chicago area are interviewed.  Completed videos run about 15 minutes each.

We are grateful to Dr. Mark Gendleman, the project director; Bruce August, our videographer and producer; and the members of the Chicago Dermatological Society for their participation and support.

  Dr. Lawrence Solomon -- former chair at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Interview recorded in March 2011.
  Dr. Sidney Barsky - former chair at Cook County Hospital in Chicago.  Interview recorded in October 2010.
Drs. Jim Ertle and Mark Gendleman reflect on the career of Dr. Marshall Blankenship during this May 2012 interview.
Dr. William Caro shares his thoughts about the profession of dermatology during his January 2012 interview.
Dr. Jim Ertle reflects on his dermatology career in Chicago during this April 2012 interview.
The career of Dr. Nancy Esterly is recalled by Dr. Amy Paller during this conversation recorded in September 2011.



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