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The information below is provided to CDS members and residents who have responsibilities for various aspects of our monthly educational conferences.

Questions?  Contact the CDS office at:  847-680-1666; or by email:  [email protected]

Download a PDF copy of this year's complete Residents Meeting Resources packet.

  • KEY DATES -- We have established firm deadlines for production of the protocols (resident cases), MOC questions, case posters and the PowerPoint file if the audience response system will be used.
    • Here is the current meeting schedule and speakers -- CLICK HERE 
  • MEETING CHECKLIST --  This document provides an overview of main tasks that need to be completed for each monthly conference along with who typically will be responsible for carrying it out.

  • Overview Information
    • Typical program schedule
      • Note -- Some programs have opted to include the MOC questions within their resident case reports.  If you choose to this (which is encouraged), then the time for the resident and MOC sessions will be combined.
    • Instructions for residents

  • MOC Guidelines -- The American Board of Dermatology has some specific guidelines for the self-assessment questions which are presented at CDS meetings.  Authors of these questions are strongly encouraged to review these guidelines to facilitate approval our submission to the ABD review committee.  We are looking to have eight questions to present, so plan to prepare 10 just in case any are rejected.  Do not submit an MOC question for every case you are preparing for the discussion period.
  • Protocol Book Format -- Residents are encouraged to review case reports from previous meetings for style, content and format.  In addition, please plan to follow these additional requirements:
    • Cases and a Table of Contents must be sent to the CDS office in PDF format only.  We prefer a single file, but it is ok to have the table of contents and the cases in separate files.  If you send more than two files, we will return it to you!
    • Be sure that what you submit has been proofread carefully before you send it!  CDS will print exactly what you submit, and changes after submission will not be permitted.
    • Check your page numbering to be sure the table of contents matches your cases.  The first case should begin on page 1; the table of contents normally does not have a page number.  Please put a blank page immediate after the table of contents.  We print front/back, so we want the first case to appear on the right side of the open book, not on the back of the table of contents.
    • If you wish to include a page with a listing of your residents, that is fine.  We recommend that you put that page before the table of contents.
    • CDS will prepare the front cover, as well as the program, speaker bio and CME information.
    • Send your protocol file(s) to the CDS by email:  [email protected] MAKE NOTE OF THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION!  In order to complete all of the production steps in a timely way, we need to have your cases and TOC on time.

  • Posters -- Beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year, CDS producies the case posters at a central location.  We will bring the posters to the conference site on the morning of the meeting.
    • All posters must be in PowerPoint format.  BE SURE TO MAKE THE "CUSTOM SIZE" for the slides (posters) 24" X 36"
    • Note the deadline for submitting (5 p.m. on the Friday before your meeting).  This is a "drop dead" date... if you miss the deadline, it is very likely your posters will NOT be at the meeting!
    • We greatly appreciate receiving all of your posters in one PowerPoint file, if you are able to do that.
    • CDS will bring easels to the meeting.

  • Live Patients at Conferences & Departmental Expenses -- Departments are encouraged to include live patients at monthly conferences.  Please keep these factors in mind if you plan to have patients:
    • CDS will give each department a "grant" to cover transportation, parking and/or a stipend for patients.  The grant also is used to pay for various expenses related to the conference such as photos and related meeting items.  Each department is responsible for giving patients whatever stipends or reimbursements that have been promised.  At your request, we are willing to send two checks (one to the department and one to an individual on your staff) if it helps to cut through any red tape associated with reimbursing the patients.  If you wish to do this, please inform the CDS office at least one month before your meeting.  You may pay the patients in cash, with gift cards, or by other means... that's totally up to you.
    • Quantity does not equal quality.  A smaller number of patients that represent good teaching cases is better than having a lot of patients with nothing particular to share with the membership.
    • Be sure to tell the CDS office as soon as you know how many patients you plan to have at the meeting so appropriate arrangements at the meeting site can be arranged.

  • Case Presentations at the Conference -- If you plan to use the audience response system with your case presentations, your PowerPoint file will need to be sent to the CDS by the deadline listed in the "Key Dates" document (typically the Monday before the meeting).  If you're not using the polling system, then there is no need to submit your case slides.
    • Polling slides should have the question in the title section of the slide and the possible responses in the bullet portion.  Be sure that you use the "enumerated" bullet format so that the polling software will recognize it.
    • When submitting your PowerPoint slides, be sure you have checked them for accuracy and spelling FIRST.  Once we are at the conference, it will not be possible to make any further changes!!!  Be sure that attending physicians who are responsible for reviewing resident work also are aware of the deadlines!
    • Since it is likely that your file will be large, please plan to use the CDS file uploading system.  Just go to the following website and follow the simple instructions (don't use Dropbox or some other system).
  • Microscopes - Plan to tell the CDS office about a week before the meeting how many microscope you will need for slide viewing.  Microscopes will be delivered to the meeting site on the morning of the conference no later than about 7 a.m.  It will be up to the "host" department to set them up... this should take only about 30 minutes to complete.  CDS staff will pack them up at the end of the day.

 Questions?  Contact Rich Paul at the CDS office -- 847-680-1666 or by email:  [email protected]


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